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    Established time: March 18th,2004
    Registered capital: USD$ 18 million
    Company nature: foreign-owned enterprise
    Employees: 700 persons (April,2016)
    Factory area: total floor area: 19,100㎡ production area: 10,800㎡

    TROIS ELECTRONICS (WUXI) CO.,LTD belongs to DNE group, and is the foreign-owned enterprise specialized in PCB equipment, SMT equipment, lens assembly and production of signal lights, projectors, car electronics. Our company has provided ancillary products for TOYOTA, HONDA, Canon, SONY and FUJITSU TEN for long term and has established good relationship of cooperation with them.

    With the faith of rooting in China and serving the world, since the founding in 2004, our company has positively responded to the policies of local government and actively participate in meaningful social activities and has won many awards and certificates issued by the relevant government departments. In addition, our company has been actively seeking for cooperation with more enterprises and realize win-win for both of us with our professional manufacturing level.

    In the aspect of quality management, our company has passed the auditing of quality and environmental management systems of ISO9001,ISO14001 and TS16949. In order to better serve our customers and meet the demands of customers, our company has successfully passed the QHB certificate of TOYOTA, QAV certificate of HONDA, and AQAS certificate of SONY.
    “Quality first” is the constant principle of our company. No quality, no qualifications for manufacturing.
【C】 Cost:
    Optimizing the cost to enhance direct competitiveness is the direct factor to achieve win-win both for us and customers. Without cost advantages, we will lose direct competitiveness.

【D】 Delivery term:
    Without complying with the delivery term, we will lost credibility and the trust of customers.
Value ideas
For partners::
    We are their reliable and safe partner.

For employees:
    The company is the platform to realize self worth and is the family to have the sense of belonging.

For society:
    We are the enterprise with norms and leading roles.

For the environment:
    We are the enterprise that could bring beautiful environment without burden.
General Manager
S.tsuneizumi Dear colleagues,

    With a mere snap of the fingers, TROIS ELECTRONICS (WUXI) CO.,LTD has been established for 12 years. Since its founding, global and Chinese market environment has changed dramatically. It can be said that the market environment is new and different everyday. How should we respond to the changes?—reform the consciousness with the spirit of craftsman and reinforce the learning.

Why should we change our consciousness?
    Because only the fittest could survive. Only species being quicker to adapt to the environment could finally survive. It’s the same for enterprises. Economic environment, policy environment and labor market environment is constantly changing, if we don’t change, we will eventually get eliminated.

Which consciousness need to be changed?
    1, we should positively develop more customers.
    2, we should form more economical management and production patterns.
    3, The time when production is not full is the best chance for us to learn and improve ourselves.

What’s the spirit of craftsmanship?
    Craftsmen like to keep carving their products and constantly improve their technology and enjoy the process of products sublimation in their hands. Craftsmen have high requirements for details, strive for perfection and have dedicated persistence and pursuit for boutiques. Although the profit is slim to improve the quality from 99.9% to 99.99%, it’s beneficial for the world in long term.

The connotation of the spirit of craftsmanship
    1, strive for excellence. Focus on details, strive for perfection, spare much time and energy to improve the products tirelessly.
    2, be strict and meticulous. No opportunism, it’s a must to ensure about the quality of every part and apply strict testing standards for products and won’t deliver the products that do not meet the requirements.
    3, be patient, concentrated and persistent. Keep improving the products and services. Because real craftsmen will not stop pursuing progress in professional field, whether it’s the materials they use, designs or the production procedure, they are constantly improving.
    4, be professional and dedicated. The goal of craftsmanship spirit is to create the best quality product in the industry, which could be unmatched by others.

    Comply with the times and reform our consciousness; with the spirit of craftsmanship and focus on products; learn skills to enhance ourselves! Make our products better and our company more professional! Let’s work hard together.
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